Our passion is fueled by the racing world. Our design team is always on the hunt for the most cutting-edge design in chassis performance. It is noteworthy to say that there is more to a chassis than the frame of a vehicle, we take the time to think out every detail. Our designs will include every mount for every part associated with the build; including suspension set ups, drivetrain and safety solutions. And we aren’t just talking about monster trucks - we also design and build chassis/cages for off-road and drag racing. Using our knowledge and advanced technology we can bring your vision to life no matter the type of racing.
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We offer not only custom roll cages for your off-road vehicle, but also full tube chassis and suspension upgrades.  
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Monster Trucks

This is what we are proud to be known for – THIS is where monsters come from. We build turn-key, professional monster trucks that are extremely competitive. Check out our online store to order yours, or give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will get you on your path to the monster truck world.
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Mega Trucks

It all started here for us; racing through the mud and obstacle courses. This is where we started breaking ground in custom race vehicles. We can keep you in the modified classes with a stock frame truck and 4-link or a full tube chassis build that will run with the best. We have also started offering mega truck components on our online store

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Drag Certified Cages

The NHRA has a standard it holds all race vehicles to, with mandatory specifications when it comes to roll cages. We have taken the time to research and learn these specifications to ensure we meet or even exceed, in some cases, these guidelines. By using their standards and our creativity, we have built some very clean and safe race vehicles. We are proud to say we can build any cage, whether it be mild steel or chromoly, for any vehicle under NHRA standards. 

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Custom Sheet Metal

We have the capability to make custom firewalls, floors, and tubs, using aluminum, steel, titanium, carbon fiber, or lexan. All these components are what finishes the build and ties everything together. We are known for adding detail that takes your build to the next level and helps to create an image unique to you and your ride’s identity. 

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Exhaust Piping

Be warned: our headers are not cheap! But we promise they are worth it.  
Whether you want zoomies or collectors, we promise the best fit and quality. With a custom set of headers, we will 3D scan the engine bay and then 3D model the headers based around those parameters, ensuring perfect fitment. Once the headers are modeled, we can show you a rendering of what they will look like before we even start. If you are satisfied with the design, we can move forward. The headers are then purged and tig welded. We use high quality stainless for our mandrel tubes and components. We even laser our own flanges in-house.  
We offer turbo and intercooler piping. We use high quality aluminum or stainless, depending on the application. These are made custom to fit your set up; tig welded and installed. 


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