We at PPM would like to introduce ourselves to you, the customer. PPM is a family-owned business with new state of the art machining equipment. We also have several years of experience in a broad range or racing divisions. We have raced everything from four cylinder to both dirt and asphalt late models. PPM is dedicated to success and innovation. We provide to you, our customer, open communications, quality services, competitive prices and reliable delivery. Along with a continuing development of racing parts. We are a company driven to constantly improve customer service in every way. Only by communicating clearly and fully understanding the needs of our customer and racers can we accomplish this goal.

At PPM our goal is to produce high quality parts at a reasonable price. But, we recognize that quality is always first, and it always will be on our list. Here at PPM we have many years of racing experience, but that alone is not enough to build the right parts. That is why we listen to, and pay attention to, the racer, car builders, and suppliers alike to produce the best parts for their needs. Also, at any time you have a comment or question feel free to contact us, we are eager to hear from you.

Over the years racing has become more competitive, therefore pushing drivers to drive harder. This, combined with today’s suspension technology, pushes cars and parts to the limit. That is why we are continually researching and developing new and better parts to better meet the needs of competitive racing. This on track experience is where most design changes take place. We will continue to keep our involvement with car builders, racers, and suppliers to insure that we deliver the best quality parts, that meet their needs.

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