Both trailers and trucks within the US are now supposed to be fitted with an electronic logging device (ELD. If you didn’t already know, the purpose of doing this is to simply replace your conventional paper logs as a driver’s service hours are monitored. However, this particular demand is only being made on those required drivers and carriers who are supposed to maintain their duty status in accordance with federal service regulations. Our article features some more information on ELD devices.

Due to the number of ELD devices on the markets, it is rather difficult when selecting a device. Hence, owners are forced into purchasing these devices without knowing too much about them. So, before you make any rush purchases, it’s best to consider all the factors associated such as the features, ease of use and even the configuration.

As we’ve mentioned before, electronic logging devices are mainly used for the purpose of creating a record of the service hours of a driver. Hence, this particular technological advancement allows a detailed electronic record of this and it even indicates real time data movement. So, if your truck is idling or moving, your ELD will be able to keep track.

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