Originally conceived as a convenient and cleaner way to add weight to the back of pickup trucks for added traction in snow and slush, ShurTrax has proven itself to be a great solution for virtually any vehicle needing extra traction.

Based in southwest Michigan, the ShurTrax team knows that Midwest winters can be rough, so we designed ShurTrax to handle the coldest weather that the polar vortex could throw our way. As regular off-roaders, we also know that sometimes you need just that extra bit of weight to get the grip you need on the trail, in the fields, or even on wet pavement, so we made sure it’s suitable for year-round use.

And because we’re Jeep and truck owners who like to keep our rides looking nice between off-roading adventures, we designed it out of a super-tough, nylon-reinforced vinyl material that wouldn’t make a mess of a truck bed like many common weight-adding solutions like sandbags or cinder blocks. And for those times when you don’t need it? ShurTrax is designed to be easy to use and also easy to store, making it a practical solution year after year.

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